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What is catering?

I've noticed in the last several years that "catering" seems to be the key word for a lot of food establishments. I can remember when that famous chicken restaurant announced that it was now "Catering". I thought to myself - WHAT? Seriously?

Since then, I've had to re-adjust what MY definition of catering is compared to what the other food establishments may define it as being.

Catering is not just a very formal, event planned, long drawn out process. It can be as simple as calling up your favorite food establishment and placing an order for a large portion of items. They may (or may not) deliver it, they may (or may not) provide a turn-key service for you, such as on site staff, china, flatware, glassware and linens. But you will still see that it's considered "catered".

Now before you light your torches - let me just say - there is absolutely nothing wrong with having food prepared and either delivered or ready for you to pick it up. Heck, we do that too, but in my mind - a "Catered" event is an event where you are able to meet with your caterer, perhaps schedule a tasting, schedule a site visit where you are planning to hold your event, and possibly meet with the other vendors involved so as to orchestrate the affair you've desired. The first type, we consider to be a "pick-up" or "delivery" type of event.

At Guilty Pleasures Catering, we pride ourselves in being able to offer ALL levels of service to you - but most importantly - it's the "PERSONAL" level of service you'll receive from us that sets us apart from the others. So, whether you need us to help you plan a special event or if you simply need us to prepare delicious food and deliver it for you - we can handle it. Give us a call today for ALL your "Catering" needs.

Until next time - from my kitchen with love.


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