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It all began one day in his Mother's kitchen....

Meet Greg Simpson, owner of Guilty Pleasures Catering and Bakery.  Greg knew he wanted to be a chef, at a very young age.  His most memorable experience was when he baked a cake, for a family gathering, and his Mom was sure he had purchased it from a bakery.  He was so proud, and from that day, he knew he wanted to please people and make every dish the best he could possibly serve.  


Greg grew up in Monroe, North Carolina, where his Father pastored a Holiness church.  Sundays were very busy, and his Mom wanted dinner to be ready to eat, when they arrived home, from Sunday morning service.  Greg remembers his mom waking him up very early, to help prepare the Sunday meal each week.  One of his responsibilities was making biscuits, from scratch, he also loved making the family’s favorite desserts.  He credits his Mother with instilling in him his love and passion for the kitchen.


Greg has been a professional caterer for over 10 years.  His culinary education has been hands-on training.   He's had the privilege of working alongside several great chefs, learning all the aspects of what goes into a successful food business.  


The catering kitchen and bakery are very labor intensive which requires major organization skills, with emphasis on detail in food production.  These qualities are very important to Greg because he knows they are important to his customers. 


Greg is blessed to have a very dedicated and loyal staff, who share his passion for perfection.  This is a must when you serve the public and it is very obvious, Greg and his team love what they do.


Greg is very proud of the recognition he has received, from the Gaston, Cleveland and Mecklenburg County Communities for the last 8 years, and he appreciates the continued support.  He has newly remodeled the Bakery storefront and added a formal dining room to use for client consultations and tasting sessions.  


We welcome you to visit us soon and don't forget to pick up a "Guilty" treat for yourself, friends, family, work, etc.

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