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There were even constables, and generally a marshal was someone who would handle an issue for the King, help escort him, and sometimes dress the King for parades. These were royal escorts, and the only real marshal that one would encounter in most places was the royal herald. In some areas of Europe, . Theodore Roosevelt, A Frenchman, and a US President, nicknamed "The Rough Rider", had this title for a while, but dropped it for a long time. In 1964, his estate called him "Theodore Roosevelt III" while his wife called him "Theodore Roosevelt IV". The term eventually became widely used, though it is more generally associated with the presidential office. Theodore Roosevelt once stated, And, indeed, “Marshal” was a common nickname for the President. Indeed, the Greek author and philosopher Aristotle, was asked what the ideal government is, and he answered, “It is the best one possible under the circumstances”. Also, to us it’s just the leader of the free world, the one with the pen in his hand that can change a few laws, and some hearts, and maybe help some poor souls from falling into poverty; but to the Greeks and Romans, it was someone that not only helped them, but the whole nation, . It was the husband of a Roman matron, who told the sons of a freed slave that it was right for them to study and to serve, and that one day they would be the rulers of Rome, the mighty Chief of the Twenty First Century. Quotes Theodore Roosevelt IV, when telling a story, and I’ve heard this story from various sources, this man who had just come back from a trip across the Pacific Ocean and was telling the story of what he had seen, and I heard this story a number of times, this man said, “I don’t know if I should tell you this, but it’s something I saw, but I don’t know if I should tell you because maybe it’s just not good to tell people of good things. . . . I was going along and I saw a Chinese man on the ground, and there was a black man, and a white man, and a white woman standing over the Chinese man. . . . And the white man was kicking the Chinese man, and the black man was kicking the



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Marshal Torrent Download [April-2022]

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